Thursday, 10 July 2014


You should not be a stranger to this advertisement.  It has not just gone viral here but was made an international joke.  Still the relevant agency responsible for this ad says it stands by the ad and it will continue its run.  Well that's a corporate decision.

What came to mind was what may go on behind the production of this ad.  Indeed the choice of the world cup theme made it relevant to world cup betting, or if you may gambling.  Both agencies, the one providing the bets as well as the one calling for stops to problem gambling are under government purview.

We must also be careful to differentiate between problem gambling and "social betting" in that I could not find a better way of describing, and as in social drinking, or social smoking.  In any case this is the principle held by both agencies.

All fine and good to this point.  Except that I am taking to task the one who crafted the story took to gambling as well.  Whoever crafted this story betted, took sides, and disregard consequences.  Could they have avoided the element of speculation (betting)?  Is this carelessness, lacking in professional supervision, or there are other reasons?

Brazil was almost guaranteed a place in the final according to soccer pundits around the world.

Did you see how Germany destroyed their rights to the finals?  Not just their rights to the finals, but also their dignity with 7 easy goals.

I don't know why I had this feeling, but seven symbolizes perfection, and I can't help but be reminded that there is only one who can claim perfection in all the earth.  OK that's my personal belief.

The German players were seen laughing to themselves in total disbelieve.  Nobody in their right mind believed what they saw happened.  

There is one lesson I can take away from this episode.  Someone else who is more powerful, more able, and not necessarily need to make earthly sense or by convention can create the greatest victory or the greatest defeat for me, for us, and we will be left in total disbelieve.

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