Friday, 8 August 2014


No!  This is not about "Adults Content".  

In fact there were seven according to The LGBTpedia.

But it is Penang's Nude Sports Game 2014 that made top spot and resurfaced all the known public nude incidents that happen in Singapore.

The group of 18 from Malaysia, Singapore, India, Myanmar, Philippines and others apparently planned the get together at Pantai Teluk Kampi for a splashing time, wearing nothing.  The Malaysian authorities were understandably unhappy with the rendezvous and are calling in Interpol to help locate the foreigners.

For Malaysia whose national religion is Islam would find it hard to swallow. Moreover the event this took place in one of their best beaches.

Many Malaysians had expressed in social media utter disgust over the incident, while some with western names were more sympathetic, or even supportive.

Singaporeans on the other hand seems to show more tolerance.  One reason probably is this did not take place here.

But with past cases that happened here, Singaporeans were not that hyped up whether with resentment nor support.  They were treated as mere passing news to be forgotten by the next breaking.  Even the Straits Times reporter forgotten that a man had run along Jln Sultan naked, and latter slept on the road.  Are Singaporeans really indifferent to nudist activities?

In the ST report the incidents were treated as exhibitionist quoting IMH psychiatrist Ken Ung.  Is there really a difference between "naturist" and "exhibitionist"?  The naturist would argue that they are not exhibitionist particularly not as what Dr Ken Ung had described.

Naturists claim that they are behaving exactly what nature has expected them to be, and they do not get sexual thrills by being watched naked nor watching others naked.  It is hard not to believed that the group at Teluk Kampi were not exhibitionists.  The videos and photos were all for exhibition purpose.  

But what is in the mind and emotion of naturist by baring in public?  Is it a mental repose, a holiday of sort where the mind breaks free from tight wrappings of everyday life living inside textiles?  Or is it an occasional rebellion against human norms and inhibitions that had been over suppressive?  Or is there a deeper spiritual manifestation that is taking place?

Aren't human sexual beings? Thus it is easier to believe the story of a true exhibitionist than that of the naturist, even if they swear that they are gays and lesbians that they have no sexual arousal at all.  How they suppress their sexual instincts is amazing, and how they escape from one suppression into another is too amusing.

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